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Success Stories

Success stories of our satisfied customers.


Robert  -  "Small Business Owner"

home-testimonial-quotesx.pngSending parcels via GLS suits me mainly because I sell goods with cash on delivery. I easily receive the purchase price for the products on my bank account practically as soon as the parcel is delivered. My customers are also happy because they can choose to pick up their parcels at a nearby petrol station. I am very satisfied.home-testimonial-quotedx.png


Tamara  -  "Student"

home-testimonial-quotesx.pngI first used Pošljipaket.si when I went to study abroad and sent my luggage there. In the following months, however, I was the most happy when the GLS courier brought me small gifts from my parents, which means a lot when you are away from home. Now that I’m back, I occasionally send gifts to my new friends from all over Europe. I definitely like it!home-testimonial-quotedx.png


Ivan  -  "Retired"

home-testimonial-quotesx.pngAt my retirement, I went online to sell all my business products that I had left. I wanted to sell all the machines and equipment, but I found that I could sell practically anything on e-bay. Since I am still in good shape, I think I will continue to work for some time - just part-time - and sell my products to Germany.home-testimonial-quotedx.png